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Sick Days

I meant to give you a new recipe today, for my current favorite cookies.  But I haven’t made them for a week or so, and since they don’t last more than a day or two after baking, I have no pictures for you.  Good incentive to make another batch, I guess!

But that will have to wait another day, as I am in bed trying to fight off some nose-throat-chest yuckiness that is passing through our family.  The combination of winter, a new country of new germs, and a daughter in preschool (which might as well be called “the little sickness factory”) has made these past few months seem like an endless onslaught of minor-but-frustrating colds and flu.

One of my favorite cold remedies is a hot cup of lemon juice, ginger and honey.  I make a big pot (I don’t have any measurements, just dump stuff in) and let it boil away for ten or fifteen minutes, and then drink from it throughout the day.  In the U.S. I use fresh ginger and strain it out, but here there is a powdered version available that works very nicely for beverages.  It’s different from the ground ginger available for cooking; it has larger granules and a stronger flavor.  Ginger drinks are very common and popular in the Middle East, especially in winter.  Adding hot milk to ginger and honey makes a thick, luxurious drink that warms you up from the inside out.

The hard thing about being sick (true for adults in almost any country) is that life does not stop.  I still had to take Lulu to preschool today–a 25 minute walk round trip.  I need to go to the market and get vegetables, or we’ll be eating plain noodles for supper.  I have to make lunch, and when Lulu gets home from preschool, feed and play with her.  Trying to rest is hard, when there is always so much that needs to get done!