It’s not the most logical thing I’ve done lately, but last week I finally put together photos in two collage frames I’ve had sitting around for over a year. Photos of beautiful tile, ornate doorknockers, and colorful heaps of spices from the market in the Old City of Damascus now hang in my kitchen.
Decorating the house that we are leaving in less than a month seems a little silly, but I find myself grasping at these last moments of “home” before we enter into another period of upheaval. It’s also most likely that we will rent a furnished apartment in Amman, so I will have little say over the appearance, which has always been difficult for me in the past. I really like putting together a household and arranging furniture and finding just the right place for things. When I was a little girl, I had two dollhouse, and all I ever did with them was rearrange the furniture. Often I would take it out and then put it all back in exactly the same spot!
Knowing that we will be coming back to this house next summer diminishes the sense of futility that I felt in the past when setting up house. I have a list of projects to complete before we head to the Middle East, including a few decorating projects but mostly consisting of fixing all the little things we’ve ignored for too long. (Anyone want to clean our gutters?) It seems counter-intuitive, but now that we are leaving I want to make sure everything is in tip top shape, so that there won’t be any big problems needing our attention when we return.
Preparing for this move is like living in three different time zones: present, future in Amman, and future in America post-Amman.


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