Over two and a half years ago, we left a suitcase with some friends in Jordan. It was only supposed to be there for a few weeks, and then someone was going to bring it to us in Yemen. But circumstances happened…
And yesterday we got the suitcase back, with barely any idea of what was in it. Clearly, it was stuff we could live without. Opening it I discovered vacation clothes I’d worn on a scuba diving trip in the Red Sea and floating in the Dead Sea, Arabic books and dictionaries in three different dialects, an engraved brass plate Hungry Husband had made for me our first Christmas in Cairo, and the Tennessee plates (featured in the cover photo of this blog) which we so randomly found in a small alleyway store in Damascus. The assorted items brought back pleasant memories of so many different places.
It is mildly humorous that we just received this suitcase, as in a month or so we will be repacking it to go back to the Middle East, but I feel encouraged by remembering people and places in the region that have been an important part of my life in the past, and will be important again in my future.


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