Coming Back…

It’s been a long, long time.  This blog was nearly dead, or so I thought.  But here we are, preparing to return to the Middle East after two and a half years away.  With a toddler daughter, lots of uncertainty about all the basics of life (jobs, house, culture shock) and some serious political strife in the region, it may seem like a rather ridiculous proposition.  As if regular life wasn’t already stressful enough, you know?

It’s going to be a whole new experience for us, in spite of nearly ten years in the Middle East.  Not just because the region is changing, but because we are very different people than we were when we left in January 2011.  In the past, we were always rushing about, trying to be as intense and intentional as we could, but with the possibility of picking up and moving at a moment’s notice.  Now we have a child, and are reaching our mid-thirties, and we suddenly don’t feel like that instability is suitable or desirable!  I guess we are growing up, maturing even, and want to find some way to balance our love for the Middle East and Arabs with the realities of being an expat in countries where it’s not always easy to live or stay. 

So, welcome back to our bumpy ride.  It’s not just about the food anymore 😛

2 responses to “Coming Back…

  1. Hi, Loved that you are reviving your blog. You have a way with words!

    Somewhat surprised (because of the ongoing mayhem in the region)about your plans to return to the Middle East, though we had heard that might be in case. Would love to know more…where, will you be working with refugees as you had mentioned some time ago, and when? The situation in Syria is heartbreaking…as well as in Egypt and can’t imagine how y’all are feeling when you see and hear the news.

    We will be thinking about you all and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way and Sending our love, Aunt Nancy

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    • We are still working out a lot of the details, but we’ll let you know. Of course working with the Syrian refugees is something we are interested in, but more than anything we feel like we just need to get back and make sure that living in the Middle East is the direction we want to move for our life.

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