What do YOU eat in Winter?

Toast slathered with butter.  Couscous porridge with butter and whole fat milk.  Potatoes mashed with butter, whole fat milk, and an entire head of garlic.

See a theme here?  For me, winter is all about fat and carbohydrates.  I have no qualms confessing that my diet is highly influenced by the season; I know I’m not alone here.  Most of humanity begins thinking this way as evening falls earlier and earlier and we all huddle about wondering how to survive another long, cold winter.  We may not be able to hibernate for the entire three or four months, but we can sure eat like we’re preparing to!

Tonight I made a cheesy potato-corn-white bean chowder.  It started out with onion cooked in a large chunk of butter until translucent, then a few minced cloves of garlic, two smallish diced potatoes, and about 2 1/2 cups each chicken broth and fully fat and wonderful milk, brought to a boil and simmered gently.  Oh, it smelled heavenly!  Once the potatoes were tender I added one (drained) can each of corn and white beans, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and some cubed cheese, maybe 1/3 cup, which led to the only slightly disappointing part of the whole shebang.  In my extreme cheapness, I had forsaken the real cheese and bought processed cheese.  I was thinking Velveeta; what I got instead was a sticky white brick that refused to melt even when cut into very small pieces, meaning that instead of a consistently gooey cheesy broth, I ended up with a milky broth with bursts of cheesy(ish) goodness.

(That’s all the recipe you’re getting for this.  It’s so very simple.  And soup is really something that was made for adaptation and improvisation, so you can take this idea and recreate it yourself in whatever manner works for you.  I would suggest better cheese, though!)

And I ate it out of a mug, because it is a well known fact that soup (umm, or chowder, whatever the difference may be) always tastes best when eaten out of either a mug or a bread bowl.  Bread bowls being in short supply round these parts, I happily grasped my mug in both hands (giving the additional benefit of warm to my chilly little fingers) and soaked up my leftover broth with a warm wheat roll.  (And no, I did not butter the roll.  But I did consider it…)

10 responses to “What do YOU eat in Winter?

  1. Very nice post. I am a big fan of comfort foods and soup in the winter

  2. Soup eaten out of a mug! Love it! I am sometimes so hungry I eat it out of the pot! Love carbs even in the summer, especially man’ooshe and all flatbreads. Can’t seem to stop that habit~

  3. I too am a winter time carbo-loader.. it’s hard to resist seasonally served homemade pumpkin-sage ravioli (among other buttery Italian favorites) 🙂

    You’ve got a great site going here, I can’t wait to attempt your Roasted Vegetable Moussaka recipe! Thanks!

  4. I am SO going to try this Soup/Chowder idea out! I agree that warmy goodness can only be fully enjoyed in a mug. Hmm… gotta go get me a really nice big mug. 😉
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. We do broccoli cheese soup, shepherd’s pie, and then this really basic vegetable soup a lot in the winter. I think the veg soup is all ingredients Scarlett can eat now, so I might make it this week so she can try it. Oh, and we roast a LOT of vegetables, then I put them in an omlette in the morning.

    • Oooh, broccoli cheese soup is good. Unfortunately broccoli is pretty rare around these parts, or that would be high my list too! I love roasting vegetables too, but it takes so much gas to heat the oven and keep it at a high temp that I’m afraid to try it these days, for fear of running out of gas. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d be having sweet potato fries four or five times a week!

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