Monthly Archives: November 2010


Three flight delays and 24 hours later than expected, we have finally returned to our Hillside home, exhausted and with the first head colds of this winter season.  Fortunately, before we left for this past 25 days of travel, I had the foresight to make a big batch of chicken noodle soup and leave it in the freezer.

I did not take a single picture of food or kitchen while we were traveling; it was a strange trip in that our time was spent primarily with other foreigners and without much exposure to the local foods.  We were in two countries very different from each other, but partly because of our very gracious hosts and partly because the last half of our trip was during ‘Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice celebrated by Muslims, a holiday period lasting well over a week in the country where we were) we did not even eat much in restaurants, other than several shwarma (I have no idea how to spell that in English) sandwiches.

So, hopefully cooking, writing and photographing will resume in the next few days.


Long time no write, and not much to say today other than that I have been on the road for the past two weeks and have another nine days of traveling ahead of me. Hungry Husband and I are hitting up another couple of our potential future-home countries, and it’s an exhausting but interesting process that has not included very much internet access or time to sit at the computer. So, come the end of November I hope to be back to blogging again, and maybe will have some news for you all about where our lives are going!