Yes, my birthday was last week.  I am now squarely into my 30s, no getting around it.  These things happen and the best way to deal with it is eat as if I still have the metabolism I had when I was in my 20s, when it would have been very easy to confuse me with a hummingbird: always moving and always eating and always remaining on the wee side of creation.

I was thinking about what I wanted to do to celebrate ahead of time, and one thing that kept coming to mind was breakfast.  Why not start the day off with something extraordinary?  Breakfast is a meal that I love—I am always so hungry in the mornings—but rarely put much effort into.  A normal breakfast consists of bread, cheese, jam, an egg (usually hard-boiled), a banana and yoghurt.  Sometimes for a “treat” I combine the jam, banana and yoghurt for a smoothie.

So it seemed like a proper, slightly decadent breakfast was called for.  I started daydreaming of The Golden Corral, which has the mother of all breakfast buffets.  I have mixed feelings about buffets but I get really happy whenever there’s someone to make me an omelet to order.  And french toast.  And hash browns.  And blueberry pancakes.  And flaky, buttery biscuits spread with strawberry jam.  Oh my.

I didn’t go quite that far, considering it was just me and Hungry Husband, but my eggs, (beef) bacon and Apple Cakes from Joy The Baker, served with cute little glasses of homemade cinnamon syrup, made me happy.  And full.  And after breakfast?  I took a nap, because that is what old people like me do when our stomachs are full.

A plate o' happiness


  1. what is it about making a special breakfast? (or making breakfast special.) we have “family breakfast” – used to be weekly, but now just occasionally. it doesn’t matter what’s on the plate – just that we’ve made the effort and we’re together. (and it helps to have the food on a pretty pretty plate – like the one in your pic!)

    • Hmm…I think breakfast is one of the loneliest meals, in general. With fathers and mothers and children all have different schedules during the week, I think it’s very uncommon for people to sit down and eat breakfast together. Most of my childhood, breakfast was a bowl of cereal by myself in front of the TV or with a book. So to start our days with lovingly prepared food and to share it with people we love is something unusual and special.

  2. Happy belated birthday greetings! Hope you have a delicious year to come!

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed your Birthday Breakfast. I’m sure your Hungry Husband loved it too! Thanks for the sweet e-mail to Dru.

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