The good news: with the aid of a new lighter, I have managed to get my oven lit.

The bad news: figuring it out still took me nearly five minutes of sitting in front of the open oven with the gas spilling out around me, which led to thoughts of Sylvia Plath, and when I last read any of her works.  I decided it has not been since my senior year of college (which was, shockingly, ten years ago).  However, I did see “Sylvia” the movie when it came out on video, although I do not consider Gwyneth Paltrow a particularly important actress.  She does have a lot of thoughts on food, though, and they are usually crazy in the ways that only celebrity thoughts can be.

For instance, “gp” (as she apparently prefers to be known in her GOOP newsletters) gave a detailed description of the regime she followed to get in shape for IronMan 2.  (You can read the full edition here.)  I have not seen this movie, but presumably she was really, really skinny (as compared to all her other movies where she’s only sort of skinny–snort).  Reading her newsletter, it became apparent why: she does not eat, and she exercises multiple hours a day.  Who wants to live this way?

Apparently a lot of celebrities, and people who think that celebrities should be imitated.  Fooditude has a nice little post about the rash of confessions about voluntary hunger coursing through Hollywood and her thoughts about image and health.  In contrast to American ideals of body types, Arabs traditionally favor their women with a lot of curves–and not just curves, but rolls and jiggles and chubby cheeks.  Watching the Ramadan soaps, I am hard pressed to find many women that Hollywood would cast for characters other than the fat sidekick friend to the skinny heroine.

Obviously, there are a lot of ideas out there about eating and how we should do that.  Or not.  I too have my own philosophy of eating, honed after many years of struggling with my own food demons and comparing myself to other women.  But I still get hungry sometimes…like now…which, in my Ideals of Eating (which I keep promising to write up and post), means it is time to munch.  Or chow.  Or nosh (meaning: to eat food enthusiastically or energetically).  As you like!


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