Here’s the thing…as far as I can tell, being very inexperienced in the world of blogs, CSS, HTML and whatever other nonsensical terms there may be for robotic languages, it seems like my theme (which in all other ways I really like) will not allow me to de-capitalize the letters of my blog title unless I pay them $15 a year for the CSS Upgrade.  I’m cheap, so I won’t do that.  Instead, I put it to you to help me think of creative (and free) ways to alter this blog’s name to make it most easily understandable.  To that end, I spent an hour figuring out how to create and insert this handy-dandy poll, so please vote!  (And if you choose “Other” please leave a comment with any suggestions.)

3 responses to “POLL: THE BLOG TITLE

  1. Jerry Godbehere

    I love the blog – however no guarantee that I’ll actually try any of the dishes. All the best to both you and your amerarab husband.

    By the way, what’s with the UT orange dishes? Can’t you get any King College dishes?

    Do you get your sister-in-law’s blog? We’re looking forward to going to Dru’s first birthday – I guess she’ll blog on that.

    • Thanks!

      The UT dishes were one of those surprise finds…imagine, I was walking down a random street in The Oldest City in the World, passing a very normal-looking households items shop, thinking that we needed a few plates. Lo and behold, there was a table of plates in front of this shop, and after removing the very flowery plate that was at the top of a stack, I was quite shocked to find not one, not two, but THREE UT plates in the pile. (There were also a few St. Louis Cardinals plates…not so interested in those…) Completely random, but we have to represent the “home” state, so I bought them for $1 each 🙂 Later we found out that a nearby restaurant with a very orange-themed decoration scheme was probably the original source of the plates, as their dine-in meals were served on the very same plates, albeit with the staff having absolutely no clue what “UT Volunteers” means!

  2. I love the UT plates! I can’t believe you found those in the Oldest City in the World.

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