Given our newly acquired access to high-speed wireless internet I am doing a little playing around with my blog, not to mention being completely sucked into hours of mindless blurking through the lives of people I don’t know.  (I call it “research.”  After all, I did study Sociology in university, which really is nothing more than an excuse to be hyper-aware and overly analytical about what is going on in the world.)  Not having the little “Time Connected” clock from my dial-up modem running at the top of the screen certainly makes me less aware of the amount of my life I spend on the internet.

In any case, I am  changing the appearance of my blog.  If you are inclined to have an opinion or any suggestions for this, let me know!


5 responses to “A NEW CITY, A NEW LOOK

  1. I like the new look! I think it’s great and hilarious that we both have had similar revelations about food/creativity/etc. on opposite sides of the world!

    Have you experimented with the TypeKit fonts? (Warning: potentially massive time absorber.) I think something a little different for the header(?) might be helpful–perhaps not all caps–so readers don’t have to stare at AMERARAB and wonder how to say it.

    P.S. Do you eat/make hummus? And if so, do you have a recipe you like?

    • Oh. dear. me. I’ve just spent an hour trying to figure out how to change my title, because I agree that something non-caps would be better. But this is my first foray into TypeKit fonts and it doesn’t seem to be so straightforward as I would like. But I will keep trying…

      As for hummus, we do eat a lot of it, but I have never made it from scratch. In The Oldest City in the World, everyone bought their hummus pre-made from the neighborhood “fast food” shops and then just added whatever extras they liked (always garlic for us) at home. In Hillside, there don’t seem to be any shops nearby selling fresh hummus, and twice I’ve bought canned hummus from the grocery store and been sorely disappointed. I may have to venture into the world of chickpea smashing soon, and if I do, I’ll let you know.

      • Kristin Noblin

        I had a similar experience with TypeKit. The premise seems easy enough, but it’s more complicated than they let on! I had trouble finding the right codes, and I ended up going to both help sites (TypeKit and WordPress). I think I found a help article on WordPress for the theme I am using, which made things super easy as I copy and pasted the suggested codes. If you don’t have the same sort of luck, perhaps google your theme name and TypeKit help?

  2. Hey, it looks like you conquered TypeKit! Looks great.

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