So, The AmerArab Wife and Hungry Husband left their previous domicile a week ago and are currently installed in a guest flat in yet another Middle Eastern country.

Bah.  Moving.  Aaaaaarrrrgggggggggggggggggggghhh.

But we are not homeless, and I keep reminding myself to be thankful for that, and thankful that we are not facing several months of living in a hotel; we did that once, for three months, and though we survived it’s not something I want to become a regular occurrence.  Being in a new city means relearning how and where to shop–the nearest market area is a 20-minute walk away, making it less likely that I will want to go every day for the things I need.  It also necessitates paying for a taxi ride back, because I cannot carry so much food over a mile of dusty, hilly roads.  And this guest flat, while nicely furnished, has a very limited supply of cooking tools (namely, pots and pans), so it is forcing me to be creative in coming up with one-pot meals.  I did, however, bring my blender with us in this move (oh, joy!) so we continue to be well stocked in the smoothie and iced coffee department, which is the most important thing these days.

So I can’t guarantee anything particular noteworthy to come out of my cooking attempts anytime soon, but I will try to find something  to write about.  In the meantime, I am updating and organizing my blogroll to facilitate you reading other people’s interesting things.  Happy reading!


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