Fruit: Bananas 8 kilos, Peaches 3.5 kilos, Plums 2 kilos

Vegetables: Eggplant 5 kilos, Tomatoes 8 kilos, Cabbage 2 heads (which doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a LOT of coleslaw)

Other: Yoghurt 11 kilos, Powdered milk 2.5 kilos (because The Beast can’t keep real milk from going bad), Hummus 2.5 kilos

Big winner:  Yoghurt, of course.  We ate a lot of smoothies this past month as I enjoyed my new blender and our appetite dwindled due to the heat.

What’s in season: Glorious, marvelous peaches, pears, and as of last week figs.  I wasn’t even sure what they were the first time I saw them in the market, my main previous experience being in the comforting but very square form of Fig Newtons (a childhood favorite).  Fresh figs have either pale green or dark brown skin and a beautiful pink flesh, and a shape similar to the domes on top of the Kremlin.  They don’t taste anything like Fig Newtons, but I like them anyway.  Apparently in another week or two there will appear white figs, which are smaller and sweeter.


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