See, what happened is that as soon as I started telling you (all four of you) about this little blog, an international visitor arrived and I have spent the past week hosting her, leaving me with very little free time for the necessities of life, like blog writing, underarm hair removal, and following my Turkish-soap-operas-dubbed-into-Arabic.  Instead I have been eating in restaurants (which is not at all bad) and spending hours pretending that I know my way around the city and marveling at the lack of clothes worn by most tourists.  (By the way, I saw an outlandish number of women wearing what look suspiciously like Hammerpants.  And most of these women appeared to be around my age, meaning that the FIRST time this style of pants were fashionable–like 1990 or so–they probably had a pair or two.  So why are they wearing them now?!?)  We even braved a trip out to a village in the countryside, and though I did get us initially on the wrong minibus, the driver was kind enough to take us to the place we wanted to go–for an additional small fee, of course 🙂

I did manage to defrost the refrigerator today, though, which was a speedy three hour process thanks to the 95 degree heat.  No pictures of that activity but maybe, now that I am “free” again, I will get around to introducing you all to “The Beast.”

2 responses to “THIS IS THE PROBLEM…

  1. “International traveler” loved your cooking!She replicated a recipe for peach/plum cobbler you had made for her and treated us to it! YUM!!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I love finding such simple and tasty recipes like that cobbler. Now the only sad thing is that peaches and plums are no longer in season…I’m hoping guava will be available soon, but I’m not sure those have much potential for baking 😦

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