Today I threw away a large bowl of salad, the lettuce gone wilty and brown after a mere day.  (In the interest of frugality and nutrition, I picked out all the slices of red pepper, washed them off, and ate them for lunch with hummus.)  The inability of my refrigerator to stay cold enough to keep, oh, ANYTHING from spoiling is a real frustration to me these ridiculously hot days.  I mean, even yoghurt turns watery and bitter after only two days.

So I set out on a quest for something suitable for a salad, but that would last until I had eaten it all.  Everybody Likes Sandwiches has a multitude of interesting coleslaw recipes, some of which seem perfectly suited to the slew of condiments I already have.  I settled on a Tahini Ginger Slaw, and stalked out to the market.  Now, I am not exactly sure when “cabbage season” is, but it doesn’t seem to be right now, as only one stall had a small pile of heads.  (Sounds rather ominous when I say it that way!)  Still, they looked a far cry healthier than the plethora of lettuce, watercress, and parsley I had passed along the way.

This cabbage is crisp, beautifully colored, and still slightly sweet.  Now we just have to see if it will pass the test of time, and prove itself to be a hero in the world of leafy greens.

And, I love the Tahini Ginger Slaw.  You should make it yourself.


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