What do people write for their first-ever blog post?  I cannot honestly say that I have ever seen anyone’s first blog post, usually coming along far enough in their writing that I don’t take the time to go back to the beginning.  Consequently, I don’t assume many people will read this entry.  Still, it seems appropriate to start with a greeting of sorts, so if someone happens to stumble upon this: Welcome to the convergence of my real life and the virtual world.

This will not be a food blog per se, in that I am not an especially skilled cook, nor do I experiment much with exotic ingredients or recipes from Gourmet magazine (which I have never read).  I do eat, though, and I am married to Hungry Husband, who eats more than your average bear, so food is an important part of my life.  I live in a country that is not my own, and I am trying to adapt and learn this culture’s ways, including their manners and preferences in eating, but of course I have occasional cravings for peanut sauce-slathered noodles that must be satiated.

If there is any theme to this blog, it is the hope of resurrecting my artistic spirit, which has lain dormant for too many years now.  Recognizing that in my current life situation most of my creative energy is expended in the kitchen, I decided to take that as the catalyst for writing, my previously preferred and much missed form of expression.  And here I am.


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